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Why Nesso?

Project-wide collaboration

A secure solution for the entire project. Share documents and drawings instantly within your company and with external members of your project team.

Handle a huge number of documents and drawings without limits on data or participants any number of files, any size.

Online anywhere

Enjoy real-time work notifications to be aware, and instant sharing and viewing.

Control and manage documents through the web and mobile app. Continue to work even when you are anywhere.

Automate document transmittal

Update the manual process of sharing a transmittal to a digital form that accomplishes the task in a fraction of the time.

A Complete Audit Trail

Nesso records all the interactions of all the parties associated to it here is no option to delete,so there can be no question about what wasrequested or agreed upon or when was the message received. Capture,fix defects and distribute other issues faster and more accurately than using conventional methods. Attach photos to show exactly what needs to be fixed.

Controlled sharing

Nesso provides each organization a secured data storage.Only information that is shared is available to other project members. Transfer or receive files of any size, including very large size drawings, with as many participants as your project requires and keep everyone up to date.

Reduce printouts

No need for going on taking printouts for every revised and final drawings of every particular structure that is to be made. Drawings can be shared online without any as per cost and also cut printing costs to minimum.

Streamline document reviews

Use workflows to put structural around reviews. Set deadlines to keep things moving and enhance clarity with automatic control.

Punch List and building inspection checklist app

Manage on-site Checklists on one system,including ad hoc and structured Inspections with fully customizable checklist templates to manage non-conformance issues. All site-related information, including on-site issues and is located in one portal.